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Year 9 Options 2024 – Frequently asked questions

What is the options process?

The option process helps the transition from Key Stage 3 (years 7-9) to Key Stage 4 (years 10- 11). Year 9 students are offered a range of optional subjects to choose from to study in year 10 and 11. At the end of year 11, students take qualifications in these subjects.

What are the different types of qualification students can take?
On the Academy website you will find this year’s option booklet to help guide you in your choices. A number of different qualifications are available to study here at Thomas Deacon Academy. These include GCSE, BTEC and Vocational awards and all are an equal equivalent to GCSE level.

What will I study in Years 10 and 11?
In Year 10 and 11, students have compulsory subjects that they must take. These include Mathematics, English Language, English Literature and Double Science, and they will take examinations in these at the end of year 11. Students will also take courses in PE and Personal Development which are not examined.

How many Optional Subjects can I choose?
As well as the compulsory subjects, students opt for three further subjects to study.

The first subject students take must be one of the English Baccalaureate subjects. Students will have to select from either History, Geography, Computer Science, Triple Science, or Spanish. They will also have to select a reserve English Baccalaureate choice.

Students also select a further two subjects, a list can be found in the options booklet. Students will also need to choose two reserve options. According to pupil needs some Year 9 students will be invited to select subjects from a PSHE pathway. Students and Parents of learners who are eligible, will know about this option in advance. It is important to mention that students are not guaranteed their first option choices so the reserves must be something the student wants to study.

Will all courses run?
Some courses will not run if numbers are low, so the reserve subjects are important and must be something your child wants to study.

What support is available in this process?

The Year 9 Options Presentation can be found belowYou can also find the Options Booklet available below.

From January, in lesson time, students will be receiving information from their teachers about the option subjects. All information about the courses will be in the option booklet and in subject presentations found on the Academy website. Please read the options booklet carefully and begin to discuss with your son/daughter about their choices. It does not matter if your child is unsure of what career they want to do in the future; ensure they identify which subjects they enjoy and are interested in pursuing.

How do I make my option choices?

Options choices will be made via Edval Choice. Students will be sent a web code with an email link on 26th January 2024.  Details and Information about how to use Edval Choice can be found in the options presentation.

Who can I ask for further help and support?

Further enquiries about the options process you can email