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The arrangements for admitting children to the Thomas Deacon Academy reflect the Sponsors’ vision for the education of pupils of all abilities in our area of Peterborough.

The arrangements for admission to the Academy have been agreed with the Secretary of State for Education. Although Thomas Deacon is a state funded, independent school, admission into Year 7 is through Peterborough City Council’s common admissions scheme.

If you have any questions about the Admissions process, please contact Mrs Helena Hillson via email  or on 01733 426043.

Timetable for Application

The process for admission to the Academy begins in September of the year prior to admission.

Early September    

The Local Authority (LA) publishes complete details of the application process and open evenings for all Peterborough secondary schools, including the Academy.

Late September              

Open evening at the Thomas Deacon Academy.


Academy Fair Banding Tests begin.

Late October                     

Closing date for submission of preference forms to the primary school; or to the LA for those parents whose children do not currently attend a Peterborough primary school.


Fair Banding Tests begin and are completed in January.

March 1st                               

Parents are notified of offer of places by the Local Authority.

28th March

Deadline date to request an appeal by writing a letter of appeal addressed to the Independent Appeal Panel for the attention of Mrs H Hillson. 

30th March                   

Date for confirmation of acceptance of place at Academy to the Local Authority.

During April              

Academy notifies parents of students’ induction day and other induction arrangements.


Appeals heard during this month.

Key Elements of the Admissions Process

The Academy currently has an agreed admission limit of 330 pupils. Where fewer than 330 applications for places are received, the Academy will offer places to all those who applied. Where applications exceed the published admissions limit, places will be allocated using a fair banding system.

Key People in the Admissions Process

Helena Hillson: PA to CEO administers the Admissions & Appeals Process.

Carole Hurt: Achievement Support administers the Fair Banding Testing Process.