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Educational Visits (School Trips) at The Thomas Deacon Academy

At Thomas Deacon Academy, we believe that Educational Visits are a wonderful opportunity to expand and advance student learning and further support the curriculum provided in-school. Trips can also offer some valuable life skills and experiences that are not afforded in a classroom and expose students to a new and different way of learning. We have offered a wonderful variety of trips here at TDA and will continue to do so in future.

Parental Consent

It is very important that all students participating in Educational Visits have ‘Parental Consent’ before doing so, and that accurate and up-to-date medical information is collected, prior to going on the trip; we will now be gathering this information via ParentPay. This provides an easy, paperless way to submit the necessary details for your child. Collection of Medical and consent via this method will be the case for all trips, even when there is not cost to the parent/student, so please try to ensure your ParentPay details are correct and that you have logged into and activated your account.

You can access your ParentPay account using the following link:

If you have any questions, please contact the school Finance Office on 01733 426060 or

You can also find more information on the ParentPay section of the website - here.

Code of Conduct for Students

Students participating in an Educational Visit are also expected to follow the below TDA ‘Code of Conduct’ and behave in a manner that is respectful to those around them and reflects positively on them and the Academy. Please find a copy of the Educational Visits ‘Code of Conduct’ below and make sure your child is familiar with it, before giving your consent for them to go on a visit. This acknowledgement of the behaviour agreement is also to be signed by Parents (on behalf of their child) via ParentPay. Every student wishing to go on an Educational Visit will be expected to abide by the following ‘Code of Conduct’:

For all Trips:

  • Maintain appropriate safe standards and behaviour.
  • Arrive before the stated meeting times at the correct place.
  • Always notify a member of staff if needing to separate from the group you are assigned to.
  • Pay attention to all briefings/details provided by members of staff, instructors, or representatives of the place being visited.
  • Pay attention to all Health and Safety instructions, especially fire and emergency evacuation procedures.
  • Wear appropriate clothing for the activity taking place, especially any protective clothing and equipment.
  • Communicate any safeguarding and wellbeing concerns and any hazards that may cause harm to a member of staff immediately.


  • Arrive before the stated departure time.
  • Wait for transport in the correct area and only board minibuses/coaches when instructed to do so by a member of staff.
  • All minibuses/coaches used will be fitted with seatbelts, these must always be worn when the vehicle is in motion.  Always remain seated with your seatbelt positioned and clipped in place when the vehicle is in motion.
  • Keep the transport vehicle tidy at all times; Your rubbish and litter must be taken off with you and disposed of correctly in the nearest available waste bin.
  • Only eat/drink if allowed by the transport provider and member of staff.
  • Inform a member of staff if you feel unwell, and before it gets worse.
  • Report any vehicle hazards/defect/damage to the driver or member of staff immediately.
  • Only get off the vehicle when instructed to do so, and only exit from approved points.  Move immediately to the indicated assembly point on exit from the vehicle.
  • In the unlikely event of a vehicle breakdown or road traffic incident, stay calm and follow instructions from the member of staff.  Do not wander off away from the main party.

Conduct at activity:

  • Follow all instructions/guidance from members of staff, instructors, and representatives of the place being visited.
  • Remember and always comply with all Health and Safety rules and regulations.
  • Ensure that you are alert to all dangers and avoid risk to your health, safety and welfare, and that of your companion’s.
  • Be in the right place at the right time as instructed.
  • Must remain in groups no less than 2, preferably 3, during indirectly supervised times.
  • Observe and abide all normal Academy rules and regulations.
  • Respect the request of staff members, instructors, and representatives of the place being visited.
  • Always behave in a manner that reflects credit on self, to the party, and to the Academy.

For Abroad Visits:

  • Comply with customs and duty-free regulations.
  • Abide by the rules and regulations pertaining to the countries and places visited, and where the venue/activity is being carried out.