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Year 7

You are studying Sikhism and should use the BBC Bitesize website to aid them in this learning. You will be sent lessons, worksheets and quizzes to complete through Show My Homework and should use Bitesize (Sikhism) to help them complete the activities to the best of their ability.

Year 8

You have been studying places of worship and the pilgrimage sites of different religions. You should continue this learning through investigating online. You will be looking into Buddhist pilgrimage Bodhgaya and a secular pilgrimage to Croagh Patrick and will be sent the resources needed to complete these via Show My Homework.

Year 9

You have been studying philosophy and so will continue this focus on different aspects of philosophical thoughts and dilemmas. You will be continuing this through looking at the problem of evil and suffering in the world and the how religions respond. You will be sent the lessons, worksheets and activities that need to be completed through Show My Homework.

Year 10

You will be continuing their GCSE work as normal but will be focusing on continuing with the Human Rights and Social Justice topic. Those of you who have been learning Buddhism Beliefs for two lessons per week will pick back up on this once back in school. All work needs to be completed in as much detail as possible. You have quizzes to complete on Seneca and on Show My Homework each week. All work will be sent to you through Show My Homework.

Year 11

You have now finished learning the content for the GCSE so will need to have a very clear revision focus for this time. All revision resources are on Microsoft Teams and have been made available through Show My Homework. You have also been completing quizzes on Seneca and should be using Seneca to continue your revision. You will also be sent work and exam questions to answer which will then be marked by teachers. You need to keep checking emails and Show My Homework for this work.

Year 12

You will be continuing to complete your Buddhism Living booklets and using the powerpoints to do so. All resources are available to you on Microsoft Teams and will follow the same format that we have used all year. You will be sent a philosophy essay to complete during the week to ensure you are still doing exam practice in preparation for the mock exams.

Year 13

You have completed all content for the Religious Studies A level. All work that has been completed over the course of the 2 years has been uploaded to Microsoft Teams including work booklets for you to use for revision and work through. You will be sent a list of practice exam questions to complete and send back to be marked to ensure you are still doing exam practice for the exams in June.