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Whole school writing competition

Your aim is to write a story about discovering a key that unlocks a mysterious door. Focus on creating a vivid description of what you can see, smell and hear. Your challenge is to make the reader feel a sense of fear.

What you need to do:

  • write the story
  • edit the story and write up in neat
  • illustrate the story
  • create a front cover
  • write a blurb



Please complete one reading comprehension daily and email your answers to your class teacher for feedback. These are saved as links on the school website.

Reading a book of your choice for 30 minutes daily.

Work through your CGP homework books in order.


Times tables rocks- 30 minutes daily (please go on studio mode so teachers can track children’s progress)

Work through your CGP homework books in order.

Please play a selection of these games daily:

Arithmetic practice 

BBC bitesize KS2 

Topic projects

  • Write a letter to Peterborough Council suggesting how Peterborough could be improved.
  • Create a SAT revision guide poster for English or Maths
  • Create a holiday brochure for a trip to real or imaginary planet
  • Watch Horrible Histories – Woeful War: watch a selection of episodes and write a review of your favourite one. If you cannot find them, use this episode