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Year 12 into 13

To ensure that we can continue our study of Psychology during this time, please use the resources provided below.  I will also provide specific tasks which will be on ShowMyHomework.  It will be expected that you are progressing through the Seneca Assignments and also send me work through the ShowMyHomework platform.  Kind regards, Mr Bullock 😊

Seneca Learning “Y12 Psychology school closure class”: please ensure you ALL sign up to this as I will set relevant assignments and standardised tests, which will help you to be well prepared for your Year 12 Psychology mock in April  – link to join the class and the class code is k1dov2w0n2


  • Link to online psychology textbook for Year 12 content (needs to be accessed through Internet Explorer or Google Chrome):

Username: sthomasdeacon

Password: student



Year 12

Currently doing Education topic. Pages 17 – 84 of the AS Sociology textbook.

I will send the PowerPoints for each lesson with activities that you need to complete. I will also send pictures of the relevant pages with each power-point.



Year 12:


Year 13

To support your on-going learning in the run-up to your A-level Economics exams.

The following resources are recommended:

1) Make use of the six “hardcopy” APT Past Paper booklets that you have:

                Booklets A, B, C are Paper 2 National and Global Economy

                Booklets D, E, F are Paper 3 Microeconomics and Macroeconomics


I will be logged-in during our regular lesson times so that we can communicate via teams if necessary.

2) Note that these APT Past Paper booklets are also available on the class “Teams” site.

3) In addition, all my in-class presentations are available on “Teams”

4) You may wish to complete additional revision of Yr. 1 topics by utilising the Seneca accounts you already have.

5) The following sites may also be beneficial:

Please note, any completed questions can be scanned in at home and emailed to me.

General class feedback will be via Teams.


  1. Complete your Workbook for all Theme 1 and Theme 2 content covered so far on your course.
  2. Make use of the Hodder textbooks including the questions at the back.
  3. Complete all Seneca Learning tasks which have been set.
  4. Review your understanding of Theme 1 by using the Specification Checklists.
  5. Remember that all class resources and the specifications can be found on Teams.