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Year 7 into 8 - Term 6:

The MFL lessons for this term were all based upon revision for the end of year assessment.


Year 8 into 9 - Term 6:


Year 9 into 10 - Term 6:

Year 9 into 10 MFL


Year 10 into 11 - Term 6:


Year 11

Please use ActiveLearn to support your learning and email your teacher if you can not access it straight away.

Please use the general revision sheet to access links for specific skills.

Work will be set for you on Show My Homework.

Year 12 into 13

In addition to the work set by your teacher, please keep your skills current and relevant using the links below:

Spanish News

Select language ‘español’ and then choose from a wide variety of News videos.

Follow the link to Video Noticias for three-minute news clips.

Spanish TV channel websites:

Choose from the menu for the topic area you are interested in and then browse for video clips:

For news, browse for videos at:

Click on the link to TV “en directo” (live) and you will be able to watch the channel on streaming video.

Spanish Radio on-line

Select a radio station from the list.

Easy listening music radio station for Spanish and English / American pop music.