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Full CalendarAcademy Trip

This event will take place between 9:30am and 11:15am on 04/06/2024 and on Tuesday each week thereafter until 16/07/2024.

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Event Title

Nene Park visits

Location of Visit/Event

Ferry Meadows in Nene Park, Nene Park, Ham Farm House, Ham Ln, Peterborough PE2 5UU


04/06/2024 at 9.30


04/06/2024 at 11.15

Event Details

Taking a select group of SEND students to Ferry meadows to build and learn ecological skills as a follow on from the Froglife trips



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Year Groups

["Year 7","Year 8","Year 9"]

Number of Students


Member of Staff in Charge of Visit/Event

William Wood

Calendar Category

Academy Trip

Additional information

SLT link is Gail Kenlin and not the one chose below as she is not currently an answer

Reccurence details

Once a week until 16/07/24